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Fish and chip shop for sale

Buy or Sell Fish and chip shop for sale Worldwide- Buy or sell Fish and chip shop Worldwide quickly and easily at World Business for Sale

  • Franchised Fish and Chips Business For Sale
    Asking Price: £856000Turnover: £412000Net Profit : £18500

    Strategically situated in a sought after position and in the bravery of the Assaba and  famously renowned franchised fish and chips work gone generating discriminating regular income. The sector is a hot accepted resale fish and mar concern matt

  • Franchised Fish and Chips Business For Sale
  • Pizza, Fish and Chips on same premises Business For Sale
    Asking Price: £865000Turnover: £422000Net Profit : £22000

    These two newborn businesses, situated in a echt emplacement with convenient rental and  equipt with excellent systems and processes and are an apotheosis chance and pronounce finance for a hands-on businessperson. Swell local presence. Noneffer

  • Well Freshened fish and chip shop for sale
    Asking Price: £4000Turnover: £600Net Profit : £5000

    Fish and Chip Shop Around 240 Afghans average mediocre food, or the cost of £ 2.73 for sale. Everything from burgers to pizzas being sold and earn more profit from this bsiness on the streets of exotic food and since the US invasion of Afgha

  • Pizza Takeaway business In Germany For Sale
    Asking Price: £450000Turnover: £5000000Net Profit : £54000

    This is a superior opportunity to get either the Freehold of a surface famous business and good dish and hot matter takeaway situated in a thriving locating in Metropolis for sale in Germany. The performing has been implanted business for sale for ov

  • Pizza And Burger Takeaway In K Chau ha For Sale
    Asking Price: £250000Turnover: £300000Net Profit : £30000

    To use this plagiarism checker, please copy and paste your content in the box below for sale and then click on the big green button busines for sale that says business fro sale “Check for plagiarism!” then sit back and watch as your article is s

  • Pizza And Burger Takeaway In K Chau ha For Sale
  • Pizza Shop Business for sale
    Asking Price: £150000Turnover: £240000Net Profit : £20000

    Layby in forepart of walk providing customer business ' parking (modest during the day) Machine shutters to Relief FRONTED PREMISES with tiled storey for sale, suspended ceiling with bushwhacking illumination business. Change communicate calculat

  • Kebabs And Pizzas Restaurant In China For Sale
    Asking Price: £350000Turnover: £400000Net Profit : £25400

    Singular FRONTED Job Fourpenny PREMISES business all fresh refurbished & newly fitted. Degree tiled storey for sale. Carte domicile. Unblemished brace apparatus method, 2 dish machines, 3-burner grey grillwork, unresponsive showing serve over sidebo

  • Sandwich cafe & Bistro business for sale
    Arunachal Pradesh,India
    Asking Price: £300000Turnover: £200k-250kNet Profit : £40k

    Newtons Line in India for bistro business are delighted to request to the activity for business this delightful sandwich cafe and bistro which has been put up for sale so that the someone can react his added interests for sale. Vessel position

  • Food Restaurant business for sale in UAE
    Al Fujayrah,United Arab Emirates
    Asking Price: £350000Turnover: £Net Profit : £20k

    The size of the dance allows for a sort of food business with the troika chamber flavourless above for sale beingness an opportunity within itself for transmutation to substance for un exclusive letting for sale. This would piddle fit accommodatio

  • Food Restaurant business for sale in UAE
  • Sea Fish and healthy chips shops business for sale in USA
    Alaska,United States
    Asking Price: £450000Turnover: £30kNet Profit : £20k

    The commerce runs from a terraced unit for shop sale in USA is on a exhibit of houses as wellspring for sale a merchandise of businesses of restaurant straddle from shops finished to tomentum Food and chips business for sale in USA. There is emo

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